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Super nice pack. Hope you make more in this style. Happy with the purchase ^^

Thanks! :)

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Looks great, is there an asset about heroes too?

This asset includes a bunch of units which could be used as heroes: a knight with sword and shield, a paladin with shield and hammer, a rogue with two daggers, a hunter with bow and arrows as well as a mage with a staff and book.

Thank you

Hey Steven, I love this spritesheet! Is there any chance you will be, or would be interested in, expanding upon it to add in additional character and terrain sprites?

I'm working on other assets right now, but in general, yes. What characters and terrain would you love to see?

Hey Steven, thank you for the quick response! I spend most of my game development time on roguelikes so my ideas and thoughts are probably leaning that way :) If I got to just pick tiles to be created, I would say....

  • Various tiles for different environments (forest, tundra, etc)
    • Single or multi-tile trees. Single tiles feels more roguelike-ish, but multi-tiles seems to fit in with the theme of the set more.
    • Short grass, medium grass (perhaps even with animated similar to the GameBoy Zelda?).
    • Water.
  • Additional monsters, creatures and characters.
    • Goblins.
    • Orcs.
    • Dwarves.
    • Elves.
    • Maybe some elemental (fire, frost, etc) sort of monsters?
    • Any number of D&D inspired creatures.

I can list a lot more but I fear that a lot of my thoughts keep trending towards roguelikes which might conflict with the theme. Either way, I would just love tiles to represent different settings and the more things to put in this world the merrier :)

Those are some great ideas; I will put them on my list and hopefully, I'm able to get at it in the future! It's also a balancing act, of course, to stay within a dungeon crawl theme.

Do you have some of your roguelikes online by the way?

Yes I totally know what you mean about staying within the theme. I have some older ones that I worked on hosted on Github, but the one that I am currently working on is closed source for now while I build it out :)

If you ever make something with my assets, please let me know! :)

I like this but i need bigger than 16*16. Do you have larger version or how to resize these ?


You can open the tileset in an image editing software like the free GIMP and then choose "Image > Scale Image..." and scale the image to the size you want with "Interpolation" set to "None", so it doesn't get blurred. Please make sure to resize to a multiple of the original size (32px, 64px, 128px, ...). If you want to resize not the tileset but a lot of the single images, there is also a plugin for GIMP called BIMP to batch-resize a lot of images at once. If you want, I can guide you through that, too. Valuable editing skills for game development! ;D

You can also send me a mail at and I'm sending you the scaled images back (do you need only the big tilesets or the single images or both? Which size?).


Very cool! Nice work.