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Blind Hatred (Moby Dick Edition) was made for the Public Domain Jam 2014. The overall premise was to create a game about a public domain character and which incorporates the additional theme "Paper".

In Blind Hatred, you play as Ahab, hunting the big white whale Moby Dick with harpoons. I tried to capture the theme of Ahab's fanaticism by your crew's decreasing morale, if you hunt Moby Dick too aggressively. Your hate makes you blind and so the "crew morale indicator" in the game gets more and more invisible. As an alternative, you can hunt other whales, which doesn't decreases the morale of your crew and gives you money on top of that, which then can be used to buy better harpoons. But you have to weighing up: if you wait to long, Moby Dick regenerates his health faster and if he is fully regenerated, he will definitely crash your ship.

The game comes with a layered, colored paperboard style, which was my way to approach the "Paper" theme.

Controls are explained in the game. You can mute the music by pressing "M". The settings-file allows you to change the resolution but I strongly recommend to play it in the initial resolution. The settings file also includes the game parameters which allows you to make the game easier or more difficult.

I wish you a lot of fun shooting harpoons!

For playing, you have to install .NET and XNA:

Blind Hatred is released under CC0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) and published from Germany. I also included the sources (code and graphics) and if you do anything with it (like remixing it), feel free to mention me or to drop me a line.

The game was made in 4-5 days in XNA (from scratch). The following tools were used:

IDE: Visual Studio 2013 Professional (C#)
Framework: .NET/XNA
Graphics: Gimp
Sounds: sfxr
Music: Bosca Ceoil

All the code, graphics, sounds, music and "fonts" (handwritten with Gimp) were made by myself given the mentioned tools.

Steven Colling
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StevenColling
Website: http://www.stevencolling.com
Email: info@stevencolling.com

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Published2 years ago
AuthorSteven Colling
Player countSingleplayer


Blind Hatred (CC0, Game + Source) (13 MB)