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126 Items for Adventuring and Survival!

Please consider: if you want more item icons, in color and a higher resolution in a slightly different style, go check out my other pack Isle of Lore 2: RPG Item Icons!

Inked Adventure Items is a set of 126 hand-drawn items suitable for your commercial action adventures, roguelikes, role-playing, survival and crafting-related games.

They come in 5 Variants (see below) and in the sizes 64x64 and 32x32 pixels, as single icons and as sprite sheets. Ready to go!

You'll also get the Krita Source File (and a Photoshop file) to make modifications and a Tutorial File which shows you how to make your own icons in the same style. And on top, there's an Index File (xml) with meta-data for every item, including its name, tags and position in the sprite sheet!

If you want to be kept up-to-date, I've setup a Mailing List for my game-related projects!

Weapons Sword, Wooden Shield, Iron Shield, Dagger, Rapier, Lance, Mace, Staff, Club, Boomerang, Bow, Arrow, Quiver, Bomb, Dynamite Tools Axe, Saw, Pickaxe, Hammer, Shovel, Pitchfork, Fishing Rod, Mop, Sponge Equipment Torch, Rope, Ladder, Campfire, Lantern, Map, Treasure Map, Compass, Letter, Envelope, Book, Empty Bottle, Bottle with a Message, Empty Potion, Potion, Small Empty Potion, Small Potion, Bandage, Candle, Mirror, Comb, Jar, Tent Inventory Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Helmet, Glove, Armor (Chest), Boot, Crate, Barrel, Saddle Resources Wood (Log), Plank (Wooden Board), Stick, Branch, Bark, Sawdust, Coal, Leaf, Stone, Rock, Flint, Ore, Ingots, Grass, Herbs, Root (Plant Root), Flower, Turf, Leather, Fur, Ball of Wool, Thread (Needle and Thread), Feather, Nail, Liquid (Water Drop), Manure, Ice Cube, Ghost, Heart, Heart Piece, Fairy, Beehive Food Apple, Bread, Carrot, Beet, Walnut, Seeds, Meat, Fish, Egg, Broken Egg, Mushroom, Potato, Beer, Cheese, Honey Loot Bone, Skull, Carcass, Fishbone, Worm, Eyeball, Tooth (Monster Tooth), Bee Treasure Key, Boss Key, Coin, Coins, Treasure (Chest), Purse, Ring, Amulet, Flute, Die (6-sided), Playing Card (Ace of Spades), Diamond, Bust, Doll, Crystal

On a side note: my mailing list subscribers received a 20% coupon for this asset pack. That promotion is over now, but if you don't want to miss out on future promotions and goodies, please join!

License If you bought the assets, this license grants you the right to use the game assets provided, consisting of the icon graphics and icon sprite sheets, in any number of non-commercial and/or commercial projects. No attribution is required. You are allowed to modify the game assets. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified game assets on their own or as part of a collection, except if they are content files of your non-commercial or commercial project. For questions, please contact me: Steven Colling (info@stevencolling.com).


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Love these, especially how customisable they are.

Just  wish I'd read it properly before buying. Didn't realise  they're only 64px, so not useful for my project

Could you run them through vectorization? Never tried it myself though.


There are *actually* 126 items in this pack.
That alone almost deserves 5 stars from an icon asset pack.
There's not 8 hue changes for a potion inflating the count of icons in the set, or more grievous like counting just a resize of the icons,
which I'm incredibly grateful for.
Then beyond that, there is ALSO 5 style variations (2 significant styles, then just 2 shades and lineart), which are useful for setting the tone of your project.

Though these are so unique in their style it'd be hard to align them to any other icons (note though it includes a style tutorial!), and is especially more difficult to edit than pixel art, if you think you can use these in a project I'd strongly recommend them.

The single thing that falls short with these is I see absolutely no reason to not include a higher resolution of the icons given their style, at the very least 128x128 resolution.
Either way it's 5 star quality, thanks a lot for your efforts in this pack!


Thank you for the kind words! Only after the pack I started to notice that it would make more sense to have graphical assets also somewhat print-ready and therefore in a higher resolution, which I started doing in my other packs then. Maybe I'll find the time to redraw the icons in higher resolution in some future!

since they're relatively simple and noise-free i suspect they'd ai upscale really nicely.

might be something to look into :)


Here is one of the icons in it's maximal 64x64px resolution in case you want to test around how it looks like upscaled etc.

Which kind/type of game fits best with this asset? In your opinion.

(It looks great btw!)



I've tried to cover aspects from different games, namely the survival, crafting and resource management of Don't Starve, the dungeon crawling and looting of Darkest Dungeon and the action-adventure genre of Zelda. Above, after all the asset's explanations and images, there's a block of item names where you can check what's in there. If you need more items or some specific ones, feel free to tell me: I'm going to put them on my list and draw them for a future update!



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Okay, thanks for the response!

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These are really nice!

I'd love to see a stylistically-similar character pack (male and female adventurers, monsters) and an environment pack (dungeon tiles, buildings, etc.)

That's a lot of work, so they should be separate packs, or raise the price of this one if you include all that!

Thanks and yes, there are many ways to expand it. Right now, I'm working on a pack full of hex tiles. I've got a mailing list if you are interested! :)

Any chance of creating a font to match these?

Hey! Do you mean a handwritten font like shown in the last image or a fitting handwritten font in general?

Was referring to the  a handwritten font like shown in the last image 

I never created a font or vector art for that matter, especially having to support so many special characters always made me shy away from it, but I put it on my list and will give it a shot at some point! :)


It reminds me of the font used on Adventure Time.