Small Update: Bridges and Tokens

Just a quick note—I've updated the Island Generator (not the assets themselves). It now generates, with a certain chance, bridges on roads crossing a river. I also added location tokens to the generator's configuration file. That means, you can now change how often certain location icons appear on the generated islands (the higher the number, the more likely they appear), or turn certain locations off by setting their tokens to 0.

FYI, I'm working on two new hex tile sets in a similar but refined style, with a greenish palette, which will come in one Hex Kit compatible variant and in the isometric style similar to the one found in this asset pack. Let me know what you think and what you wish to have included. Also: if you encounter any problems, I'm more than happy to help! Join my Mailing List to get notified on their release (and access to a special release discount).


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Version 1 Oct 07, 2019

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