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Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles is an asset pack containing hex tiles and icons as well as an island generator*. Use the assets in your private or commercial video games or print projects, for example as map illustrations in your tabletop rpg!

The files come as single pngs and sprite sheets, colored and in grayscale, with source files (Krita and Photoshop) on top. The base of a hex tile is 344x132px, which makes 2.9x1.1cm with 300dpi on paper.

Use the elements above to create your own tiles!

The overlays above are placed on top of the tiles. Paths and roads are placed on a tile's border, rivers on a tile's center.

The location icons above (and elements like trees, mountains and so on) come with source files where colors and lines are separated. Therefore it's pretty easy to make your own colorings!

The Island Generator is a console application which creates little procedurally generated islands as png files like the ones below (click to enlarge). It has a very limited configurability and was specifically made for this asset pack. It's not an editor!

I hope you enjoy what I've created and if you want to keep up-to-date, don't forget to subscribe to my own Mailing List or join my Discord!

License: If you bought the assets, this license grants you the right to use the game assets provided, consisting of the images and sprite sheets, in any number of non-commercial and/or commercial projects, including software, websites, games and print projects. No attribution is required. You are allowed to modify the game assets. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified game assets on their own or as part of a collection, except if they are content files of your non-commercial or commercial project. Regarding the island generator application, please do not distribute, re-package or sell the software. Please do not use the software itself in any project. The generated island images fall under the terms above. For questions, please contact me: Steven Colling (info@stevencolling.com).

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AuthorSteven Colling
Made withKrita, Adobe Photoshop
TagsGenerator, Hand-drawn, hex, hexagon, hex-grid, map, overworld, print, Tabletop, Tileset
LinksMailing List, Discord


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Thanks for removing the desaturation filters from the other tilesets. Will this also get the gray filter removed too (along with the inked items?) I am finally swapping out my tilesets to use your updated sets in my Godot project. Much appreciated!

It wasn't my intention to go back and redraw the older asset packs, but batch-saturation could be something I could either write a tool for or add to Color Mapper... let me think about it! :-)

Hi Steven

Any news about this tileset? It's really great, and since you're updating other assets, will this one get some love?

Additionally, can this one be used with Tile Builder and Color Mapper?

Thank you for the great work.

No, it's not compatible with Tile Builder and Color Mapper and I may update it after updating the other packs. Still happy (and curious) to see people using this instead or alongside Isle of Lore 2! :D

I like the mountains in this pack much more that in IoL2, to be honest. In fact, the isometric pseudo-3D feel is more appealing to me than pure 2D. The only thing that bugs me is the unnatural red colour (I know, I know, that's what colour replacement is for). :)

Thanks for the feedback! I consider it! :)

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Hello! I absolutely love this tileset. I am a bit new to using these sorts of things, however, and was hoping for some advice: Is it possible to use this tileset in HexKit? And if not, what would you recommend using them in, if I just wanted to create a Hex map for a D&D game?

Hey there emests!

No, the tiles sadly don't work in HexKit because it doesn't support overlapping tiles. If the map is not all too big, you could just assemble them in an image editing software like Krita (free) or Photoshop. Do you have experience with image editing? As an alternative, we could probably get them to work in Tiled, which is a level editor (my other hex tile sets definitely works in both HexKit and Tiled).

If you need help with Krita or Tiled, you can write me a mail or better, hit me up on Discord (either on my server or directly), and we can figure it out together! :)


oh, thanks for the reply! i appreciate it :)

i will look into your discord for sure. I don't have photoshop, but i do have affinity photo/design, which is an alternative that still opens up photoshop files. I have been trying to turn them into brushes, but will def pick your brain if that doesn't pan out! again, thanks for the reply, and beautiful work :)


I love your set! Quick request, though: Would you consider releasing a palate-swap addition/update from red to a more natural green color? A lot of Ryuutama RPG fans are picking up your set based off our recommendations, but only a few have Krita/Photoshop and the skills to palate-swap to green themselves. (attaching example)


In either case, this is one hell of a gorgeous AND useful tileset. Thank you for making it!!

Thank you very much! Did you have a look at my most recent hex tile set, which has a greenish palette, or is there a problem regarding the size and/or perspective? :)

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Ah, that tile set is nice too, but we love the flattened perspective of this Isle of Lore set vs the top-down (classic hex-map) version of the newer tile set (which is also gorgeous, mind!).

I put it on my list and I hope I come around doing it! :)

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Wow, thanks! If you do, I'll get the word out again!
(no rush though, I'm sure you're busy on other projects!)

Hi! This is awesome.. Could you draw 2-3 units?  (warrior, peasant) 

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By now I've made an actual Strategy Figures pack available here: https://stevencolling.itch.io/isle-of-lore-2-strategy-figures


Hey! Just so the other people here know, I've drew him a peasant and a knight and sent them via mail, fitting the style of my more recent tileset.

Hi, will these 2 be part of the pack (can't find it) or was it commissioned? great job with these packs btw. 

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I made them for him for free because I had a little bit of time. You can download them here:


Maybe I will do a pack full of figures like that in the future, but I've got some other projects to work on! Nonetheless, what figures would you expect in such a pack?


Hi Steve, thank you for the link.

As for the question, maybe a few animals, maybe to represent both wild life or/or stock, a couple different "fight" units


FYI, I just released a complete Strategy Figure pack in the same style: https://stevencolling.itch.io/isle-of-lore-2-strategy-figures

I finally made a Strategy Figures pack compatible with my most recent hex tile set and similar to the two units I made for you (but better!): https://stevencolling.itch.io/isle-of-lore-2-strategy-figures

Awesome style! Can I ask what program do you use to make this kind of art? I'm gonna buy your art and I may want to expand it with my own art, and knowing what program you use could help.


Thank you! I used the free painting software Krita and within Krita, I used the Ink-2 Fineliner with a size of 5px. Hope that helps!


Super cool style, had to buy it!

Wow these are great! Makes me want to make a game with them!

Thanks a lot. Your Game Boy stuff looks cool btw!

Love it!

Thanks! :)

Hey, it's awesome! Could you tell me where you draw it? 

I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet and the free painting software Krita.

Awesome design

Thanks a lot! How are you doing by the way? You you are around since the LootCastle, if I remember correctly! ;D


Yes. Willing to have Loot Castle or sequel someday on Steam with high resolution hehehe

For now I'm the game tester for a day job but in the free time I'm learning Unity to make my own games (about 9 of  months of serious learning as I'm remember correctly). One of them is at itch. And second one is in the making:


You have great memory hehehe and also art style :) I would love to use your assets or collaborate someday. 

<3 Looking fantastic <3


Great job. I'm still loving that style!

I'd love it if there were some neat pallette variations!


There's grayscale in the pack, but yeah, a greenish/blueish would be cool and is on my list!

Wow! This aesthetic is fantastic!

Thanks a lot!

These are great!


Looks great! Definitely gonna cop it when I can.

Thanks! :)