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Isle of Lore 2: Strategy Figures is a set of 64 figures and 16 additional compositions*, spanning villagers, workers, fighters, monsters, animals and vehicles, ready for your strategy video game or tabletop rpg. Mark the position of units on your fantasy or medieval map in any number of commercial games or print products or spice up your prototyping or tabletop session, for example together with my Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular set of hex tiles: the figures are highly compatible with the hex tile set and with the Hex Kit software!

*Compositions are made out of multiple units, like a group of orcs; I'm counting these figures separately to not inflate the total figure count of this pack!

The figures come with and without a white border around them, in the sizes 180x180 and 90x90 px, which is 15x15 and 7.5x7.5 mm on paper at 300 DPI, as single png files and as sprite sheets. This pack includes a special folder you can easily drop into the Hex Kit folder of my hex tile set. The figures fit perfectly with the Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular set:

The Krita/Photoshop source file separates the linework from the filling and in regard to the linework, different body parts are on separate layers. Therefore, you can easily add your own weapon to a fighting unit or re-color a unit to your liking, like giving a horse golden armor.

There will be more Isle of Lore 2 asset packs and if you want to be kept up-to-date, don't forget to subscribe to my Mailing List or join my Discord, because my Mailing List subscribers received a 25% discount and while that promotion is over, make sure to join for future offers!

License: If you bought the assets, this license grants you the right to use the game assets provided, consisting of the images, in any number of non-commercial and/or commercial projects, including software, websites, games and print projects. No attribution is required. You are allowed to modify the game assets. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified game assets on their own or as part of a collection, except if they are content files of your non-commercial or commercial project.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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These and the hex asset packs are perfect for turn based (and some real time) games.

I've personally recreated some of my favourite boardgames in digital format and can't wait to include these assets for the graphical side of things. Great job Steven!

For others hoping to read a review: As far as the assets themselves go, they look good in their own clean consistent cartoony style. Simple and efficient, and looks & feels like proper quality. Definitely worth the price when you compare to some other stuff out there, and fits perfectly with the artist's other work. The modular buildup of the units also means you can animate them if you'd wish using something like spine. Unfortunately the photoshop file in which all the sources were being kept was a bit 'heavy'. (Toggling lagged a bit sometimes)

All in all, 9/10 release.

Thank you for the review and I agree, the source file can be a bit heavy indeed. After doing another project, I will come back to this one and make sure to also include a split up version of the source file with less figures in them!

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Would it also be possible to include a boat unit and maybe a non sea-monster sea creature as well? (Like a merfolk kind of unit) Your hex tiles have a bunch of ocean tiles, which would fit well with some seafaring graphics, but currently there's only aerial units inside the pack.

I'd be more than willing to buy any future releases, but I hope my request for a single boat for this pack is reasonable enough to be added free of charge. :) (Otherwise how are we going to run into that kraken? :p )