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Color Mapper

Color Mapper is a portable Windows (10+) console application to assemble and re-color images in batch. It's part of my process to allow people to change the color palette of images from my asset packs at once and is currently supported by my pack of hex tiles called Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles. I'm publishing Color Mapper separately here on itch.io, so I can update the tool without having to update all the asset packs using this tool.

The following picture shows how Color Mapper assembles a pine tree from my mentioned asset pack by combining its single layers in two ways: once with the original colors and once by re-coloring the tree to give it a winter look. This process is driven by colormapper-files in the folders containing the single images and an index of colors in Color Mapper's configuration file.

Other creators are welcome to support Color Mapper in their asset pack projects. The tool's documentation is available online and in the download.

License This license grants you the right to use "Color Mapper" on as many of your computers as you want for as many projects you want, including commercial projects. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified software "Color Mapper" on its own or as part of a collection.


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Will there be a Mac version at some point too? I have a mac, and would love to get the Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles, but want to make sure that I can change the color first. (Same goes for Tile Builder)

A Mac version is very unlikely, sadly. I do not own one myself and have no experience with the operating system. Sorry! :(


No problem, thanks for the speedy response!

If you'd like, and you are comfortable with sharing the source, I could probably build it for Linux and Mac :)


I'm actually thinking about releasing the source code!


You should. :)

It works with Wine, just make sure .NET is installed.

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Hello! Can you elaborate? What is Wine, and what's .NET? Where can I download them? If either of those are Windows emulators, I wouldn't want to do that... I want to natively run it without using one of those or having to allot memory.

Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows applications on Unix like systems, like macOS.


Great tools, and nicely laid-out web pages too!

Thanks! :)

And another neat tool!


And another thank you! :3


<3 :D