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Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular is fully packed with hex tiles, icons and overlays to create stunning fantasy maps for your video games, tabletop rpgs or print projects, be it a commercial endeavour or just to spice up your pen and paper roleplay campaign! They are compatible with both Hex Kit and the Tiled Editor.

Over 300 tiles, spanning forests, grasslands, hills, valleys, mountains, moors, cities and oceans, 30 location icons as well as overlays including paths, roads and rivers. Flair overlays add more information to a tile, for example indicating a tile's difficulty with a skull. Marker overlays could show the players' current position.

The source files (Krita/Photoshop) allow you to modify the tiles and overlays or create completely new ones!* The hexes are 174x198 px in size, which is 1.5x1.7 cm on paper, with 300 dpi.

*The single elements like trees are not part of this pack, but you can copy them over from source file to source file, so they are basically there. A complete set of elements will be part of my next asset pack (so I don't have to update them across multiple asset packs when I make changes to them!)

There will be an asset pack similar to the original Isle of Lore, but in this style, and if you want to keep up-to-date, don't forget to subscribe to my Mailing List or join my Discord! My Mailing List subscribers received a 25% discount. While that promotion is over, make sure to join for future offers!

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License: If you bought the assets, this license grants you the right to use the game assets provided, consisting of the images, in any number of non-commercial and/or commercial projects, including software, websites, games and print projects. No attribution is required. You are allowed to modify the game assets. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified game assets on their own or as part of a collection, except if they are content files of your non-commercial or commercial project.

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AuthorSteven Colling
Made withKrita, Adobe Photoshop
TagsFantasy, Hand-drawn, hex, hexagon, hex-grid, map, overworld, print, Tabletop, Tileset
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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Love your work ! I was happy to buy this pack and the strategy figures one. Can't wait to make a honey heist and mausritter adventures :)

Oh, I played Mausritter once, cool game! Good luck! :D

i bout the bundle last night on roll20 and I'm excited to use them, I hope there will be  more biomes in the future, i would love to make a whole world map using your tokens :)


Thanks and glad to hear you like them! If you want the pack unlocked on itch.io too, let me know via mail (info@stevencolling.com)! :)


oh sweet, I'll add that to my to-do list today :)

This is awesome! There is also obscured hex tile such as fog of war on its?


No, there's no fog of war tile sadly, but that's actually a good idea I'll consider! :)

Thank you for considering :)


Great tile set! Could use some more terrains though. Snowy and Desserty and stuff. 

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 I would like to ask whether you will consider creating some realistic modular maps in the future? Because I am also designing wargame with historical theme.


Not as of now, but out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean with "realistic"? Do you have visual references to share? :)

sry, I don't know how to describe it, so I found some wargame maps as examples:

At the same time, I also love your artwork ISLE OF LORE very much. However, due to the subject matter, I am trying to explore the feasibility of using this art in my games, but I have to say, you are really a great game artist.

Interesting examples and thank you for your kind words! I hope I can come around to make an all-new set at one point, but right now there's too much on my plate! :(

Thank you very much for your reply. I will continue to follow you:)

I'm assuming that the edited versions with the gray overlay being removed that you mentioned isn't on the horizon? (1 year check-in)

I'm still working on the software I have to get done before reworking the packs! :( So much work, I'm sorry!


These tiles look awesome!! Any chance for an arctic or sandy set?


Thanks! It's on my list, but no idea if and when I come around doing them! :)


Hey Steven, I love your artwork and what you've done so far and I'm planning to use this in a dungeon and dragon type game so I was wondering if I could get your email for commissions if there's anything I would like in the pack. If I have to pay extra then its fine with me but please tell me first before you make the art because I won't always have the money on me. Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to hopefully working with you! (my email is quinton1609@gmail.com if your interested)


Hey Monke! My email is info@stevencolling.com. If you want to commission art, we can talk about that. If you are low on funds, you can also just write your ideas here and I put them on my list, but I can't give you a guarantee then if and when I come around doing it! :)


I want to make a hex based board and in a Carcassonne style and I want to use your artwork. But I'm having issues figuring it how to design it so the pieces can fit together randomly and not always a set map layout. Any advice or suggestions?


I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but I assume you want to use the tiles without a border and that they are tiling/pattern perfectly on said border to build a continuous map?


yep that exactly it. 


The seamless tiling at the borders is not possible with this set, I fear! :( Is the tiling only a stylistic choice or is it relevant to the gameplay?


not relevant I think Iโ€™m just go with a boarder. It might work better anyway. Making it border less is just tough


Yeah! Good luck! If you want, you can post your progress on my Discord so we can all have a look! :D


gorgeous art style!


glad you like it! :)


Hey, Steven! I really like work you done. Do you have any plans for making something  related to this hex tiles with the same style? Maybe new terrains like desert? Looking forward for new works ;)

Good luck!

Thank you very much! I'm working on new tiles, but I can't give you a time estimate, as it will take some time until I finished other work and projects! :)


Based on the name including "Regular", might we be so lucky as to see a flat-top version in future?


Maybe! Can't guarantee, but I hope I can come around to do variations and different perspectives!


Also hoping for flat-top tiles in the near future. Awesome work, otherwise.


Would you make a top down grid version? Hex is wonderful, but I have a hard time creatively figuring out a way for a user to navigate it without using a mouse.

It's on my list, but I can't tell you when I come around (or if at all).

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No worries! Also I'm not too familiar with photoshop/krita. But I'm wondering, how do I remove the "gray" overlay on all of the images? I didn't realize all of the images were faded/gray. Does that make sense?


It's the color palette, but I'm working on an alternative palette which is more saturated. Right now you could use Krita to change the colors by playing around with "Filter > Adjust > Burn" and "Filter > Adjust > HSV Adjustment".

Any update on the saturation improvements? These look great artwise but the faded look honestly strains the eyes heavily.


No update yet, as I want to redraw everything with saturated colors and in a higher resolution instead of just color correcting them! Sorry! :(

You could put together a map and saturate it by yourself in the meantime; if you have problems with graphics software like Krita or Photoshop, I'm happy to help! :)


Would you consider doing a set of these for outer space stuff? There's a ton of hex kit material for fantasy, but not so much sci-fi.

I'll think about it, but I'm likely focusing on fantasy in the near future! :)


OMG YASSS some sorta space/scifi set would be awesome!!!

Hey man, I'm using these + your status icons for a game I'm working on, it's turning out well and I'm approaching a finished game. Would you be interested in working on a logo in this style for said game? I would love to contact you on Discord about this, if you have it, and I'm more than willing to pay for your work.

I'm Steven#1915 on Discord! :)

Sweet! Sent you a friend request, mine is chewy#9326 :)

Hello! This looks very nice, congrats! Your mailing list and your website don't seem to be responding though, is that normal? Cheers!

It seems that my mailing list provider (MailerLite) currently has server problems, given their recent Twitter messages. I'm very sorry, but I guess we have to wait a bit! :(

Thank you for letting me know, though! ;D

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It's a pleasure! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really like your first Isle of Hope, and I will probably buy it tomorrow. I'm just hesitant because it feels as though you've switched to Isle of Hope 2. Do you plan to extend these tiles like you did with the second version?

And on that note, would you create some assets for winter/cold environments (for Isle of Hope 1 or 2)? I'm planning a game of Ironsworn RPG, and I'd love to use your assets!

Edit: Just realised, I'm on the second Isle of Hope, my message makes less sense ๐Ÿ˜‚

The question is: should I buy Isle of Hope 2 because you don't plan to continue the first one, or is there any hope for an extension? ๐Ÿ˜…

Hey there and thanks for reaching out! Nice to hear that you love the style. When I changed from Isle of Lore 1 to Isle of Lore 2, I was really happy with the results (the palette, finer lines and more details), so I want to stick with the second iteration for now (sorry!). Cold environments are on my list, but it will probably take some time until I'll get around. I hope that answers your question!

Heard a lot about Ironsworn. What type of environments would you like to have beyond cold variants of the existing ones?

(1 edit)

Since I've not yet bought the pack (will do in the day), I haven't reviewed everything that's inside. I'm guessing overlays for boats and rivers, maybe icons that could represent a traveling party or a firecamp, etc. But some stuff might already be there ๐Ÿ˜… I'm discovering the game at the same time I'm discovering FoundryVTT. Since I'm planning to do a solo run of the RPG, I will come back with my feedback if you want to :)๐Ÿ˜Š

Sure! :)

Hi Steven, this looks amazing! Thank you for your work!

Do you plan on doing similar stylized packs in other biomes, like Snow & Desert? 

Have a good day!


Thank you very much and yes, I have a list of biomes I want to add, but I can't tell you if/when I get around to it! :)

Yeah, a wasteland/desert biome would be stellar! 

Put it on the list!


+1 for the snow biome :D

Hey Steven, great work! You inspired me to create a new game with your assets (I'll use mostly the "standard" set with also the small characters).  I'm currently working on it.

Do you plan on adding new stuff to this collection style?

Hey Alariann, thank you for the compliment! Yes, I'm working on a bunch of new sets in this Isle of Lore 2 style! If you subscribe to my mailing list (if not already), I let you know when I release something new, together with a discount. Don't forget to post the game here when you finished it! :)

is there an option for the line thickness between the hexes... or no line at all?

(1 edit)

Every single hex tile has its own Krita/Photoshop source file, where the elements are put one by one, with a mask on top which deletes everything outside the hex and then on top the border. So if you go into the source files, you could hide the border and/or the mask and create your own border and/or mask on top (which is, of course, some work you had to do for every single hex source file you need). 

The image above shows the original hex (left), the hex without the border (center) and the hex without the border and without the mask (right).

For what do you need the hexes if I may ask (out of curiosity)? For Hex Kit, I wouldn't recommend thin borders or no borders at all.

Hey there Steven, just to be clear about the license: if I bought the tileset, can I use it in an opensource game project? This should fall under the non-commercial type, and the assets will be distributed together with the opensource code .

That's okay! I just don't want that people redistribute the assets themselves in a way that they would buy your project only to have access to the assets themselves, but if it's an actual game they download and play, that's fine!

So I understand that you just don't want people to resell your creation, is that it? Because putting it in an opensource game means people have direct access to the assets, like the FantasyHex tile set used here: https://github.com/yairm210/Unciv/tree/master/android/Images/TileSets/FantasyHex (I am in fact planning to use your tileset in Unciv just like this)

Of course, Unciv is also being distributed as a binary for download and play on desktop PC and Android phone.

Yes, reselling or making them available in the sense of "here are the hex tiles for your use so you don't have to pay for them" would be problematic. Being open source doesn't change much, because even if they are not open source, depending on the framework or engine, you could often still gather them from the content files anyways. I guess you don't have to dump the tiles' source files in there?

Really hoping here that people are honest enough to pay for the work I've put in if they want to use them for themselves in their hobby or commercial projects. :)

Got it Steven ๐Ÿ‘ Yes the source Krita/PTS files wont be in the source tree, only PNG. Looking forward to your units/figures pack by the way. Great works!

Thank you! :)


Next great assets. Someday I will use them, but for now I need to learn more :) It's great to see you doing well. 

How about Loot Castle 2 :P ? 

One day! :P


Steven, this is a great pack, looking forward to putting it to use!