Introducing Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular

Hey everyone!

Couple months ago I've released my first set of hex tiles called Isle of Lore. Given all the feedback I received, I'm super excited to show you my new assets, implementing some of the requests, including Hex Kit compatibility and a greenish palette!

The new Isle of Lore has a refined style, with thinner lines and more details, which is also why I reworked all the location icons from the previous set.

I'm still happy to use the free Krita, but there are also Photoshop source files included, in case you want to modify or create your own tile variations and create sprawling maps for your (commercial) video game or tabletop rpg... or just to enhance your DnD campaign with a nice map!

There's absolutely no reason not to subscribe to my Mailing List, given the fact that my Mailing Squad gets discounts for my newly or already released games or assets, including a 25% discount for this very asset pack. This promotion is over, but if you don't want to miss out in the future, go ahead!

Best regards,

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The kit looks really good friend. The subdued color palette fits well with the sparing use of red.

Thanks! :)

Cool! The mailing list signup page doesn't seem to be configured for HTTPS, wasn't sure if you're aware. Thanks!

I've set it up now, thanks! :)

Awesome! Really appreciate it. These tiles are so, so pretty.

So pretty.

Thanks! :)