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Tile Builder is a portable Windows (10+) console application to assemble hex tiles based on their single graphical elements and a tile-file containing the information on how to place these elements on the tile. Scripts allow to batch-edit tile files, for example to switch out green trees in a forest tile with red trees to create an autumn forest tile, without ever having to manually edit a tile in a graphics program. I've developed Tile Builder for my hex tile pack Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles and am using it there to create the winter variants of the tiles in one go. I'm publishing Tile Builder separately here on itch.io, so I can update the tool without having to update all the asset packs using this tool.

The following picture shows how Tile Builder assembles a hex tile with the help of a script by combining the single elements like borders, grounds and trees based on information delivered in a tile file.

Other creators are welcome to support Tile Builder in their asset pack projects. The tool's documentation is available online and in the download. This tool doesn't include any tiles or elements.

License This license grants you the right to use "Tile Builder" on as many of your computers as you want for as many projects you want, including commercial projects. Do not distribute, re-package or sell the modified and/or unmodified software "Tile Builder" on its own or as part of a collection.

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Will it continue only for windows?

I need linux version pls.


It's a .NET console application. I'm not familiar with Linux (at all), but have you tried to use WINE or similar? If you find out that I have to re-compile or re-package my app in a different way (on Windows) to make it possible to emulate on Linux, let me know! :)

I tried using Wine and got the .NET error. I did this with gnome bottles. I'm not used to using wine. I was running it with .NET 4 and vsredist2015. My friend uses Windows. I solved this problem with my friend last night. I forgot to write. Thank you for these beautiful arts ❤️


Thanks! Great to hear you resolved the issue and thanks for sharing the solution with others here! :)

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I hope this will be useful. It is written here for Ubuntu. But if this works, it can be used on other distributions with distroboxe.


You can recreate this application with gui. cross platform. Mac users can also use it. You can build the desktop version with taurijs.

Neat tool!


Thank you! :3