Introducing Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles

After working and releasing Inked Adventure Items some time ago, I finally finished work on my next asset pack. It's called Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles and it's a set of hexagonal landscape tiles and location icons you can use for your commercial games or print products! There's also an application in it, which generates little islands.

It would work very well in a strategy game, as a map interface or an overworld map of an rpg. Or maybe you're working on a tabletop rpg or run a D&D campaign, like a hex crawl, and you want to spice things up with an illustrated map? I've drawn them in a resolution big enough so they can be printed: the base of a hex will have a size of 2.9x1.1cm on paper, at 300dpi.

The tiles were assembled from single elements, which are part of the asset pack. Use them to create a free-form (non-hex) map by yourself, or to create your own tile variations. The source files separate the lining from the coloring, so you can make your own colored versions, too!

As always, I'm collecting notes for future updates, so if you have any ideas or wishes for future tiles and locations, please leave them in the comments!

On a side note: the people on my mailing list already received a 50% coupon for this asset pack. That promotion is over now, but if you don't want to miss out on future promotions and goodies, please join!

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These look awesome! Also great work with your page design.

Oh thanks a lot! There was quite some trickery involved with getting the custom css only work on the game's page, and not on the devlog ;D