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Honeyblot Caps is a round, sans-serif, all-caps typeface based on my handwriting with an ink pen.
The vector font supports the "MS Windows 1252 Western (ANSI)" resp. "1252 Latin 1" character set, is properly kerned and comes as both an otf- and a ttf-file. Use BMFont to convert it into a bitmap-font (png). There is also an afm-file containing all metrics, including the kerning information in case you need it for your game engine or framework.
Use it on any number of machines, for any number of commercial and non-commercial projects, be it video games, software, print products or websites. Please check the License here.
It's intented use is headings, captions, labels and dialogue boxes and it fits my other graphical asset packs, like "Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular" and "Isle of Lore 2: Strategy Figures" very well.
You should know that subscribers to my Mailing List got this asset for 20% off, for a limited time. If you don't want to miss out on future offers, make sure to subscribe!
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AuthorSteven Colling
TagsFonts, Hand-drawn, handdrawn, ink, otf, sans-serif, ttf, type, typeface
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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Do you have a plan to extend it for MS 1251? That would be perfect!

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Not any time soon, but out of curiosity: what characters would you need from the 1251 set? Or for Russian language support in general?


for Russian and Ukrainian

This is a beautiful font. I Really want to use your assets to make a game. Is there any chance of some UI elements in your style any time? That seems to be the only missing puzzle piece to making a full game with your art.


Thanks! It's on my list, but I can't tell you when or if, as there's a lot of other stuff I have to get done first :(