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I love your set! Quick request, though: Would you consider releasing a palate-swap addition/update from red to a more natural green color? A lot of Ryuutama RPG fans are picking up your set based off our recommendations, but only a few have Krita/Photoshop and the skills to palate-swap to green themselves. (attaching example)

In either case, this is one hell of a gorgeous AND useful tileset. Thank you for making it!!

Thank you very much! Did you have a look at my most recent hex tile set, which has a greenish palette, or is there a problem regarding the size and/or perspective? :)

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Ah, that tile set is nice too, but we love the flattened perspective of this Isle of Lore set vs the top-down (classic hex-map) version of the newer tile set (which is also gorgeous, mind!).

I put it on my list and I hope I come around doing it! :)

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Wow, thanks! If you do, I'll get the word out again!
(no rush though, I'm sure you're busy on other projects!)

Hi! This is awesome.. Could you draw 2-3 units?  (warrior, peasant) 

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By now I've made an actual Strategy Figures pack available here:


Hey! Just so the other people here know, I've drew him a peasant and a knight and sent them via mail, fitting the style of my more recent tileset.

Hi, will these 2 be part of the pack (can't find it) or was it commissioned? great job with these packs btw. 

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I made them for him for free because I had a little bit of time. You can download them here:

Maybe I will do a pack full of figures like that in the future, but I've got some other projects to work on! Nonetheless, what figures would you expect in such a pack?


Hi Steve, thank you for the link.

As for the question, maybe a few animals, maybe to represent both wild life or/or stock, a couple different "fight" units


FYI, I just released a complete Strategy Figure pack in the same style:

I finally made a Strategy Figures pack compatible with my most recent hex tile set and similar to the two units I made for you (but better!):

Awesome style! Can I ask what program do you use to make this kind of art? I'm gonna buy your art and I may want to expand it with my own art, and knowing what program you use could help.


Thank you! I used the free painting software Krita and within Krita, I used the Ink-2 Fineliner with a size of 5px. Hope that helps!


Super cool style, had to buy it!

Wow these are great! Makes me want to make a game with them!

Thanks a lot. Your Game Boy stuff looks cool btw!

Love it!

Thanks! :)

Hey, it's awesome! Could you tell me where you draw it? 

I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet and the free painting software Krita.

Awesome design

Thanks a lot! How are you doing by the way? You you are around since the LootCastle, if I remember correctly! ;D


Yes. Willing to have Loot Castle or sequel someday on Steam with high resolution hehehe

For now I'm the game tester for a day job but in the free time I'm learning Unity to make my own games (about 9 of  months of serious learning as I'm remember correctly). One of them is at itch. And second one is in the making:

You have great memory hehehe and also art style :) I would love to use your assets or collaborate someday. 

<3 Looking fantastic <3


Great job. I'm still loving that style!

I'd love it if there were some neat pallette variations!


There's grayscale in the pack, but yeah, a greenish/blueish would be cool and is on my list!

Wow! This aesthetic is fantastic!

Thanks a lot!

These are great!


Looks great! Definitely gonna cop it when I can.

Thanks! :)