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Image Clipboard is an image clipboard managing software. Sometimes we want to assemble an image out of smaller parts, like a sprawling fantasy map or a hex tile of a map from single images like trees and bushes. Putting them together in an image editing software like Krita (or Photoshop or the Affinity products) can be cumbersome, switching back and forth between folders containing the images and the image editing software where you have to go through the layers to position them. I know what I'm talking about, because putting together the hex tiles for my Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular was quite some work, which could have been sped up with this software many times!

That's what it's for! It acts as a palette of configurable buttons. The buttons refer to folders full of single image elements, like trees. If you click on the button, a random image from the folder is chosen and copied to your clipboard. Now you can copy it into your image editing software with Ctrl+V and move the tree around your map. Little comfort features enhance that workflow:

  • The palette window always stays on top of all other windows and can be dragged around and re-adjusted.
  • If you click a palette button, it switches into the image editing software, so no need for Alt+Tab.
  • In Krita*, pressing Ctrl+V will also sample+paste a new image, no need to click the palette button again!
  • Different modes define how images are sampled: random, in sequence or even with your own distribution!

* Photoshop requires a workaround for which you have to setup an action (done in 5 minutes!). You will also require two keys: one for sampling a new image, one for pasting it into Photoshop.

Additional Information

  • Requires Windows 10
  • Portable, no installing necessary
  • Works with Krita, Photoshop, Affinity products (Photo, Designer, Publisher), Clip Studio Paint.
    Does NOT work with MsPaint and Paint.Net.
    Other image editing software may or may not work, no guarantee (reach out and we can test it)!
  • Does not include the elements (like the trees) shown in the pictures on this page.

License: You can use this software Image Clipboard on as many of your computers as you want. Do not share Image Clipboard with other people, don't make it available to other people or the public, don't re-sell it and don't re-distribute it.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Asalam o Alaikum "Peace be upon you"

We are about to make a co-op Bundle.

So Would you like to take part in it? 

it would be fun

Thanks for reaching out GameChef, but I'm currently not interested in participating in bundles!

ok No Problem 

ImageClipboard works in the Affinity products (Photo, Designer and Publisher) too! Thanks to DeusExMinima for checking that!

Do you know if it works with Clip Studio Paint? it's the main tool I use at the moment.

(2 edits)

Doesn't seem to work, sadly! :(

Edit: works and added instructions to the handbook.

Thanks for finding out and letting me know that it works with Clip Studio Paint! :-)


Its one of the most brilliant useful tools for my workflow! One of the recurring problems was to find a way to insert random PNGs into my mapmaking process. Steven's tool has solved this tiresome copy paste work in an elegant and flawless way, which keeps me speechless. MAyn thanks for creating this small coded gem!

Any plans for a Mac release?


Don't own any Apple products, so sadly no. Sorry! :(


Just what I needed. Thanks!!!

Happy to help! If there are issues or questions, let me know! :)